About Us

We are proud to present our range of beautiful alpaca clothing. The luxurious garments are handmade in Peru from beautifully soft and warm alpaca fibre.

Mumpreneur and founder, Amanda Ruiz, is married to a Peruvian, Manuel, who comes from the capital, Lima. When they had their first child, they were given lots of beautiful brightly coloured knitwear from Manuel’s relatives. The gifts were ponchos, chullos (earflap hats) and cardigans which were very widely admired as they didn't look like the usual mass produced fare on the high street.

Amanda was inspired to share her new discovery here in the UK and set about sourcing traditionally made knitwear using the Peruvian fibre, alpaca (cousin to the llama) which is native to the Andes mountains of South America.

The fibre is world renowned for its many fantastic properties as it is not only very insulating but is also lightweight, and actually breathes better than thermal clothing due to the fibres having microscopic air pockets and best of all it doesn't bobble or pill. Alpaca is a luxurious product as it is as soft and smooth as cashmere and angora and this is why it is known in Peru as 'El oro de los Andes' or 'The Gold of the Andes'.

Amanda personally visits the factories in Peru where her garments are produced. As she speaks fluent Spanish, she chats with the artisans as they work on her pieces that she develops.  As the product development takes place over a few weeks, she sees at first hand the working conditions, treatment of staff and gets a real feel for the factory environment. In addition, factory owners are interviewed on the working conditions. The factories which supply Peruvian Knitwear pay their workers a fair wage and give them guaranteed rights, such as health care and pensions.

The work that is brought to the areas of manufacture benefits the communities as the income earned goes towards improving the living conditions of the artisans whose lives are often blighted by poverty, violence in the home and poor education.

We hope you like the collection and thank you for your visit!



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