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Feb 18 2011 Published by under News

Amanda Ruiz, Founder of  HUMM Alpaca Knitwear gave a workshop to Business Studies students (and students from lots of other varied subjects) in Essex University, on Tuesday 15th February.

Amanda Ruiz delivers a talk to Business Students

She did a powerpoint presentation about:

  • The history of HUMM Alpaca Knitwear (formerly Peruvian Knitwear), the background, why she set up the company
  • The first logo for the company…the second logo…all the way to the current branding
  • Then she talked about tips on PR – how to go about getting press coverage, and the importance of networking (see slide below)
  • Customer testimonials and personal recommendations
  • And finally she gave the students some essential tips on job interviews

School for Startups - essential business tips from Doug Richards

The last part was really important as she had previously interviewed some students for work placements and was shocked that most of the interviewees had zero knowledge of the company – they hadn’t done any research at all, and they lacked the most basic interview techniques, so she hoped that by inspiring students into writing CVs that are understandable by anyone outside the field they are studying, by wearing smart clothes, being confident, giving eye contact and generally being ‘jolly’ that is would help them in future job interviews. She even showed them how to enter the room and exit – all the time looking happy, confident and giving eye contact. For example look back at the interviewer before you leave the room (just as you are turning the door handle) and give them a smile – just to show you are a positive person who has confidence, instead of skulking out which leaves a very poor impression.

The feedback from the students after the  talk was extremely positive,  many of whom said they had been inspired and learnt a lot.

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