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Become an Mumpreneur!

May 16 2011 Published by under Mumpreneur

Amanda Ruiz is a ‘mumpreneur’ – she is the mother of two children under 6 and loves the challenges of running a successful business as well as the household with her Peruvian husband, Manuel.

Amanda with her two kids

When they had their first child, they were given lots of beautiful brightly coloured knitwear from Manuel’s relatives.

Bright peruvian knitwear poncho

Son Felix modelling the first ponchos!

The gifts were ponchos, chullos (earflap hats) and cardigans which were very widely admired as they didn’t look like the usual mass produced fare on the high street.

HUMM Alpaca Knitwear socks

Amanda was inspired to share her new discovery here in the UK and set about sourcing traditionally made knitwear using the Peruvian fibre, alpaca (cousin to the llama) which is native to the Andes mountains of South America.

Amanda Ruiz helping to sort the alpaca fleece

Amanda Ruiz helping to sort the alpaca fleece in Peru

Being a mumpreneur means a lot of time and dedication is given to the business  - she knows that only too well as Amanda’s mother did the same  and founded Janet Coles Beads, a highly successful mail-order business which started life as a cottage industry.

Janet Coles Beads HQ!

Janet Coles working away at Janet Coles Beads HQ back in the 80s!

It soon took off and the company moved to larger premises but in the early years Amanda saw her mother working extremely hard when she came home from school,  winning awards, managing staff and on a daily basis receiving sack loads of letters from customers placing orders and taking part in the Janet Coles Beads Community.

Janet Coles Beads catalogue

A copy of one of the many mail order catalogues from Janet Coles Beads

It was a fantastic opportunity to learn the strong work ethic, see the nitty gritty of a business being run and often to have a go at selling the jewellery that she personally created. On a few occasions Amanda was sent to the headmistress for creating the latest playground craze – such as colourful tiny beaded bracelets as she sold them in the playtime breaks without prior permission! Well, that was the beginnings of the entrepreneur spirit!

Well, is there an entrepreneur burning inside you? Do you have an idea that you would like to make the latest craze? Check out this website for some excellent advice and tips on how to run your own business whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance, happy kids and partner!

Good luck!

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